Mr. Grouper: Please welcome... the Bubble Guppies!

(audience cheering)

I Need to Rock!

Molly: Rock and roll rocks!

Deema: WOOHOO!!!

Nonny: My electric guitar is broken. Come with me to get it fixed.

Deema: Rock on, Nonners!

Rock Mess Lobster: *yawns* Excuse me, I'm sorry. I mean you play nicely and all, but you don't totally rock. Now go away before I decide to eat ya.

Molly: Oh, dear. *runs away*

Clam: QUIET!

  • silence*

Gil: I dont think we rock...

(audience cheering) Molly: Thank You! We Love You! Thank You!

Rock Lobsters: Wow, you guys rock!

Gil: Awesome! We rock!

(Gil and Goby slap tails)

Gil: that good?

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