The Supermarket
Snapshot 25 (08-07-2012 21-56)
Bubble Bites!

The Supermarket is a location in Bubbletucky. It has only been seen in one episode: Bubble Bites!


The Supermarket was used in the episode Bubble Bites! as the journey to the school and the field trip. Gil and Bubble Puppy were the first guppies to visit. They sell kinds of food, but the one the viewers all know: Bubble Bites


The Supermarket looks like a regular supermarket, but it hasn't really got a big car park. It has a red and yellow banner with a trolley on top.


  • The Supermarket was only seen in this episode
  • Gil and Bubble Puppy were the only Guppies to first see it.
  • Another breed of dog appeared in this episode.
  • The Supermarket may be a pun of UK supermarket: Morrisons


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