The Super Ballet Bowl!

Molly: Ballet is beautiful!

Oona: I love ballet! Because you get to wear a tutu!

Deema: Tu-tuuuu?

Nonny: A tutu is a little skirt that ballerinas wear.

Goby: Can boys do ballet too?

Mr. Grouper: Of course they can. Some of the best ballet dancers in the world are boys.

Deema: Don't get your tutu in a twist.

Gil: Ballet is awesome!

Molly: Ballet is really really wonderful. Isn't it, Gilly?

Gil: Yeah, it's awesome. You're a really good ballerina.

Molly: Thank you, Gilly. And you're really good too, especially at catching your partner.

Gil: Thanks. I can probably catch any ballerina in the world.

(Big Blue Fish, a lobster, and a snail show up)

Snail: Tippy toe or jump?

Gil: Uh-oh!

(Gil swims away screaming)

Snail: Tippy toe, tippy toe, jump! Tippy toe, tippy toe, jump!

(Molly laughs)


Deema: Welcome to Madame Deema's fancy ballet studio, where practice makes perfect.

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