All lived hapily rver afta gobster
And the Cyclops

The Sailors and the cyclops is the storybook seg,ment from the episode: Check it Out!



The guppies go outside to play, Oona and Deema are pretending to be sailors. Goby tells the story of two brave sailors who travel to the Island of the Cyclups. Nonny pops in to explain what a Cyclops is, which makes Deema begin to worry. Oona explains that inside the cave is every book to read, in the WHOLE world. So they go inside and come to the very giant library inside the cave. Oona shows Deema the book about ducklings when they suddenly hear noise approaching and find a spot to hide from the cyclops.

Oona and Deema try to flee when Deema is distracted by a book about monkies! They find a section about baby animals and go inside to take a look. They find baby bunnies, hippo's, and many others. So they look at every single book until the cyclops returns. Oona and Deema hurriedly put away the books in order to avoid detection but Oona realizes that they messed up and put the wrong books on the people shelf. Then they go to a wild animal shelf, then hide again. Oona sees that they accidentally forgot to put away the kitten book, the book the cyclops is looking for...

Deema holds out her hand, but the cyclops manages to find them hiding behind the cart anyway. So the girls quickly flee, only for the cyclops to be outside waiting for them! Deema runs and hides behind a stone while he tells Oona they can borrow the books anytime they want, as long as they bring them back. And so, the cyclops and sailors became friends and they all lived happily ever after...


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