The Royal Magicians
Royal magician
King Grouper

The Royal Magicians is the storybook segment from the episode: Bubble-Cadabra!

Characters Present


Oona and Deema play the roles of two royal magicians. It was their jobs to perform magic for the king (played by Mr. Grouper), who explains that he needs to make something disappear. The reveals they need to make a terrible creature go away, a terrible, mean, foul creature that scares the king! They try to be nice to him, to make him disappear but he gives chase instead! They try to go up a hill but its too steep and the magicians box flies down the hill and into the water!

So the two girls now must put their box back together and try again to get the nasty creature to get inside. Upon hearing him returning, they hurriedly put the last panel on and Oona quickly tells him they need to do one more trick. Deema performs the trick, and by making the creature look into the mirror he thinks one really is stuck inside and he runs off! Deema and Oona are happy, but they hear him crying and find him hiding under the bridge where he explains he didn't mean to scare anybody, he just wanted to perform magic too. And so, they make him their assistant. And they all lived happily ever after...


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