• This special is inspired by The Lord of The Rings series.
    • The promos for the special made references.
      • "One ring to rule them all."
      • "You shall not pass...up this opportunity."
    • Both stories surround a ring that posses a great power.
    • Like Frodo, Bubble Puppy is the ring-bearer.
    • The Snow Guppy is similar to Gandalf.
      • Carries a powerful staff with him.
      • Even says the famous quote: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
    • The Snow Guppy has the ability to shape shift into a polar bear.
    • The Night Wizard is similar to Saruman.
      • They are both wizards who are after a powerful ring.
  • Nick Jr. did a live tweeting on their official Twitter account during the special's premiere:
  • Nick Jr. changed it's video & game webpage for the show to a layout that matched the special.
  • The program that The Night Wizard was using in the beginning was possibly a reference to Nick Jr.'s webgame, "Sticker Pictures".
  • This is the first episode where there is almost no interaction between the characters and the viewers.
    • The Little Fish have not appeared because of this.
    • The only character-to-viewer interaction in the special was when Molly tells the viewers "Come on!" when she, along with Gil, Deema, Oona and Bubble Puppy, were about to head to the Snow Guppies Realm.
  • During the scene when the Night Wizard says "What's so great about the day time anyway?", Deema's ears are not pointed as they should be in her Flutter Guppy form.

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