The Prehistoric Contruction Workers is the Storybook Segment from the episode: Construction Psyched! It is when Nonny and Oona are two prehistoric construction workers who wanted to build a pool by unique dinosaurs and to cheer up a gigantic dinosaur in order to be happy.

Characters Present:

  • Nonny
  • Oona
  • Constructosaurus
  • Pushosaurus
  • Digosaurus
  • Gigantosarus
  • Molly-Narrator


Once upon a time, Oona and Nonny were prehistoric construction workers at this dry place called Happy Valley where it was really hot out, so Oona wishes to go swimming. Nonny tells that building a swimming pool will work by just digging a hole and dumping water into it. With the help of their Constructosaurus (Digosaurus & Pushosaurus), they dug and pushed to make the swimming pool. Suddenly, a Gigantosaurus comes up and all of the Constuctosaurus run away scared. So Nonny and Oona set to sort all of the Digosaurus and Pushosaurus before they can finish the pool. Once they were done building, everyone was happy until the Gigantosaurus came back. Nonny and Oona tell the giant dinosaur to leave them alone, but then he starts to cry and wanted to go swimming too. Finally, a large splash came down from the happy Gigantosaurus and they all lived happily ever after.



  • This is the third time Molly has narrated a story.
  • This is the third time Nonny and Oona are in a story


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