The New Doghouse!

  • Stock car racer Jimmie Johnson lends his voice to this episode as the host of ‘Extreme Doghouse: Neighborhood Edition’
  • This is the second time the Bubble Guppies build Bubble Puppy a doghouse. The first was in Build Me a Building!
  • In this episode, Bubble Puppy’s old doghouse is slightly different to the one shown at the end of Build Me a Building! It’s much smaller and missing a few features.
  • When Officer Miranda and Stan chase the second shopping cart, the same score from Bubble Kitty! is played, when everyone rushes to the top of the mountain.
  • In the pop song, Nonny can be seen holding a book about cats. Additionally, this same book can briefly be seen during the story segment of Check It Out!
  • At the beginning of the story segment, Deema (as Goldilocks) is eating porridge. She quickly dumps it into a drawer as Oona walks in.
  • An instrumental version of A Color Just Right plays during the doghouse construction video.

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