The Haunted House
Snapshot 26 (08-07-2012 21-57)
The Haunted House.

The Haunted House was only seen in the episode: Haunted House Party!, it was used as the jouney to school and the field trip.


The Haunted House was used by Gil and Goby on the way to their school. It was also used as a field trip at the end of the episode. but the Snail also owns the Haunted House.


The Haunted House is spooky, dull and is quite dirty and murky. It has a spooky background. Broken trees and a dark cloud.


  • The Haunted House has only been seen in this episode.
  • It was a very spooky appearnce.
  • This wouldn't have scared the viewers, since there was no sudden pop-ups or graphic images.

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