The Grumpfish Special
Explorer video bubble guppies vol 3 detail
Gil in a Pickle!


  • The Rotten Tomato from the story may be a play off of Nintendo's kKid Icarus's eggplant wizard, who turns it's victims into eggplants. Instead he turns his victims into pickles.
  • Deema's fake moustache from "The restaurant" music video is based off of Nintendo's Mario's mustache.
  • Mr. Grumpfish might be based off of Squidward, a spongebob Squarepants character.
  • In this episode, Molly and Gil were happy to be pickles, strangely enough.
  • Oona is the only one who is not seen in this story segment.
  • In the Latin American dub, Gil's "Me too!" line before The Restaurant song, is removed instead of being translated.
    • Also, for some reason, the female chef crab from the begining of the episode, is translated as a male character in the Latin American dub. 
  • This episode introduces Mr. Grumpfish. This also shows that Gil might be afraid of Mr. Grumpfish because he didn't want to take his order. After he and Molly approach Mr. Grumpfish's table, Gil nervously says (with his eyes widely opened) "Hello. I'm...I'm Waiter...and...and I'll be your Gil today".

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