Dragon puppeh

The Emperor and the Dragon Puppy is the storybook segment from the episode: Bubble Puppy!

Characters Present


Outside to play, Goby is playing the role of an Emperor as Oona tells the story of the Emperor who wanted a pet. Goby summons his adviser, Deema! He tells her that he wants a pet, he tells her a dragon but she points out that it's dangerous to have a dragon. And so the emperor says, "Dragon Puppy". To which Deema thinks will be alright and the Emperor goes to see the Dragon Master and along with Nonny they release the dragon puppy. Dragon Master explains that to keep her safe, they need to teach her 2 special commands. If she get's too high up, say "Down". If she picks something up and she needs to drop it, say "Drop". He then tells Goby to repeat them back to him, to make sure he understood. They then leave as Nonny tells them to beware of the Gorilla-Gator and they begin their dangerous journey back to the palace! Goby finds his Dragon Puppy on top of a pile of boulders and he commands her to get down. They continue on their way and soon come across the Gorilla-Gator! Goby tries to be very quiet while passing in order to avoid waking it up but he sees Dragon Puppy tugging gently on the Gorilla-Gator's tail!

He tells her to Drop the tail and they continue along the way. And so the Emperor got his new dragon puppy back to the palace safe and sound and the story comes to an end...


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