The Cowhands and the Marching Bandit
Buttex bandit
Armadillo with Goby and Oona

The Cowhand and the marching bandit is the storybook segment from the episode: Ducks in a Row! 



Molly and Goby pretending to be Cowhands. Oona tells the story of two cowhands who must march the cattle to the nearby farm. They notice a wanted poster for the "Marching Bandit" on the loose again. Wanting to keep the cows safe and they plan to march the cows to the nearby farm. Suddenly the marching bandit appears! He demands Molly hand over her drum and he steals their cows.

In hopes of retrieving their cows, Molly and Goby go to hide. They plan to wait for the Bandit to fall asleep, then they'll march their cows away. Quickly he falls asleep and they quietly sneak on by. Molly suggests they keep a beat by clapping quietly. At first this works but Molly and Goby have to hurry up and clap in hopes of getting their cows to move faster! Eventually even faster!

Seeing the Cattle Ranch in the distance, Molly and Goby successfully manage to get the cows inside and closes the door to keep them inside. Suddenly they see the Marching Bandit surrounded by a bunch of rattle snakes! They offer to help and Goby points out that the Jail is nearby. And so they tell him to close his eyes and begin to clap in a rhythm and lead him into the jail. He demands to be let out, but they refuse until he promises to give back the drums and stop stealing the drums. They even let him march with them and become friends!


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