• This episode is the first in Season 2 to have:
    • Goby as a customer in a shop segement
    • Deema in a Lunch segment
    • Gil in a storybook segment
  • When we first see Dusty and Rusty roping an escaping cow, an instrumental version of "The Farmer's Song" is heard in the background, from the episode, Have a Cow!
  • When Mr. Grouper tells the Guppies to line up for going outside, the Guppies are all wearing cowboy hats, and when they line up, they still have their hats on. This is the only episode in season two's dance sequence where they keep their hats on.
  • When the Bubble Guppies line up to go outside, you can see that Molly's hat is different than everybody else's.
  • In the Shop segment in Deema's Opposite Saloon, she made "flirty eyes" at Goby siglaling a DeemaxGoby relationship.

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