Wee Lasses
;loch ness lobser
and the Loch Ness Lobster

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The Wee Lasses and the RockNess Lobster is the story book segement from the episode: We Totally Rock!, starring all three of the guppy girls.



The guppies go outside to play and Goby tells a story of the 3 Lasses who wished to attend a Rock concert. The first Lass then heard a horrible sound and the RockNess Lobster shows up to stop her! She asks to cross the bridge, but he says only those who totally rock may cross. Molly claims she rocks, then tries to show him while playing her guitar. He shoots her down though and Molly runs away out of fear she'd be eaten.

Then, she comes across Lass number 2 who is moving her drum set towards the bridge. Oona mentions that she has to get across to get to the rock concert so both girls try again in order to get across the bridge but when Oona notices the RockNess Lobster holding a fork they flee! Then come across the third lass, who has a keyboard and asks to see this Lobster. It's then that Deema tries to play her keyboard, but it's no use.

Molly then mentions if the girls play together since they all rock then they might totally rock! And so, all three girls, plus the audience member play together in order to impress the RockNess Lobster. He even plays with them and the girls are allowed to cross the bridge. They then cross the bridge and invite the Lobster to come with them to play, and so the foursome all go to the rock and roll concert together and they rocked happily ever after. 


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