Super Waiter and Rotten Tomato
Awesome sdtroy

Super Waiter and the rotten tomato is the story book segment from the epsode:The Grumpfish Sepcial!. It is narrated by Goby and played by Gil, Nonny, Molly and Nonny and Deema.

Characters Present


Gil pretends to be Super Waiter! With his sidekick, Nonny, as Bus-boy! Running a restaurant, Deema comes in and wants an order of mixed vegetables consisting of peas, carrots, and corn. Gil mentions having to go into the "Garden of Doom" to get these ingrediants. Nonny adds that they can get everything into the kitchen and Molly, the chef, can make it for them. They then fly off and upon arrival Gil notices a fowl smell. It's rotten tomato! Using his pickle ray he traps Super Waiter in a pickle but Nonny quickly makes it back to Molly in hopes of getting her to make the meal still.

He then goes to tell Deema that the order will be done soon but when he goes back to the kitchen he sees the chef trapped in a pickle! Rotten Tomato is there! He also mixed up the ingrediants so they can't finish the dish now. Molly manages to tell Nonny that Carrots are orange, corn is yellow, and peas are green. Nonny manages to fix it and then prepares to deliver it but Rotten Tomato tries to turn him into a pickle but Nonny blocks the ray and frees Molly. Rotten Tomato goes in for the attach but Nonny catches him in a ketchup bottle!"I'll Be back!!" said the Rotton Tomato, then Nonny says "Not unless you can ketchup!" He delivers the meal and the story ends...


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