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Bubble Guppies Halloween

Spooky! is the pop song from the episode "Haunted House Party!" It is sung by Molly, with the other guppies as backup.

Characters Appearing


Molly: Things that go bump, in the middle of the night, witches and bats and things that take flight, vampires, goblins, strange and bizarre, let's all go where the weird things are!

All: Cause it's Spooky! 

Please don't leave me alo-o-ne!

Spooky, yeah! Chill to the bo-o-one,

Spooky, got a tingle down my spine!

Just hold my hand, and we'll be fine!

Molly: Things you can't see lurk in the gloom...

Mummies wake up and come out of their tombs!

Werewolves' growl, howl and bark, so grab a flashlight, let's run around in the dark!

All: Cause it's spooky!

Please don't leave me alo-o-one!

Spooky, yeah! Chill to the bo-o-one!

Spooky! Got a tingle down my spine...

Just hold my hand, and we'll be fine!

Deema: I wake up at night feeling funny and strange,

Something is happening, I'm starting to change!

My hair is beginning to grow in weird ways, my eyes are bugged out, I look kind of crazed!

I look in the mirror and get quite a fright; it seems I've become the Queen of the Night! Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh...!

All: Cause it's Spooky! Please don't leave me alo-o-one,

Spooky, yeah! Chill to the bo-o-one,

Spooky, got a tingle down my spine!

Just hold my hand, and we'll be fine...!

Mr. Grouper: Spooky!

Monday, Oct. 2411 00 a.m01:55

Monday, Oct. 2411 00 a.m. – Bubble Guppies (Premiere) “Haunted House Party”


Bubble Guppies Tunes 40 Spooky01:57

Bubble Guppies Tunes 40 Spooky

American English Version
Bubble guppies tunes 40 spooky(Hebrew)01:54

Bubble guppies tunes 40 spooky(Hebrew)

Hebrew Version
<youtube width=200 height=150>ppnjyNG_zvQ</youtube>
English Version
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