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Push That Dirt Away
Push that dirt awayyyy

Push That Dirt Away is a dance song from the episode Construction Psyched!. It was sung by Gil. In this dance song, Gil teaches the viewers how Bulldozers and other vehicles work.

Characters Appearing


Gil: Hey, everybody, gonna move some dirt,

Get those bulldozers goin' and get to work!

Alright everybody, when I say go were gonna put our hands together and push that dirt away!

Are you ready? Here we go!

Bulldozer throws that dirt away!

All: Push that dirt away, push that dirt away now!

Gil: Bulldozer throws that dirt away!

All: Push that dirt away, push that dirt away now!

Gil: Get to work and move that ground, get those giant tires movin' round and round!

We can push almost anything out of way, rubble, sands and gravel rocks even dirt!

Bulldozer throws that dirt away!

All: Push that dirt away, push that dirt away now!


English Version
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