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Pencil Case is the song used to promote the premiere of season 3 of the Bubble Guppies, and is sung by Molly.


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Molly: Whoa, whoa, oh-oh whoa-e-oh-e-oh

School is here, check out my sweet gear!

I've got crayons, I've got pens, they're all up in my pencil case! (Super stylin' Bubble Guppy!)

I can read, I can write, I go to school with my pencil case! (She colors like nobody!)

P-p-pencil case, p-p-pencil case! (Draw, draw, draw, draw)

P-p-pencil case, p-p-pencil case! (Draw, draw, draw, draw)

Markers and paper, trick it out with macoroni! 

A touch of glitter and you've got one glammed pony!

I can't wait, school is great, they'll all go gaga for my pencil case! 

P-p-pencil case, p-p-pencil case! (Draw, draw, draw, draw...)


  • The song is a parody of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face".
  • Deema 's bubble dress is based of an actual dress Lady Gaga wore
  • This is the first time Molly sings a pop song with a different microphone. That same microphone has also been throughout season three so far.
  • This is the first song to be based off an actual pop song.

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