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Character Info

Attention, Guppies, you have the right to remain awesome.
Name Miranda
A/K/A "Police Officer"
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Patrolling Bubbletucky, giving tickets to those who break the law
Voice Actor Wendie Malick
First Appearance The Police Cop-etition!

Officer Miranda is one of the many minor characters from Bubble Guppies. She is a police officer. Her first appearance was in the episode: The Police Cop-etition!. She later appeared Bubble Scrubbies!, The New Doghouse! and Guppy Style!. Officer Miranda loves to keep the town safe and make sure people follow and obey the laws. She loves the Bubble Guppies. After the Bubble Guppies were able to complete the challenges in The Police Cop-etition, Officer Miranda awarded them with official Junior Officer badges. 

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