Here are the most Lunch Jokes that Nonny did:

Season 1

  1. A Tuba Fish Sandwich
  2. Spaghetti and Baseballs
  3. A Sleeping Bag of Chips
  4. A Plane Bagel
  5. Macaroni and Trees
  6. Cheese and Tractor
  7. A Stampwitch
  8. A Bananasaurus
  9. A Can of Jumping Beans
  10. A Sandwitch

Season 2

  1. Hamburger and Emergen-cheese
    Maparoni and Cheese
  2. Spaghetti and Snowballs
  3. Macarhino and Cheese
  4. Lassoroni and Cheese
  5. Hamburger with Emergen-cheese
  6. Macaroni and Teeth
  7. Truckaroni and Cheese
  8. A Chicken Sandwich and Li-berry Juice
  9. Spaghetti and Beachballs
  10. Duck...Pie
  11. A Sandwich and Crane-Berry Juice
  12. Magicroni and Cheese
  13. A Banana In Shining Armor
  14. A Pear-amid
  15. Onion Wings
  16. Trackaronie and Cheese
  17. Apple Spider
  18. Ice Cream Comb

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