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Character Info

Thats adorable
Hello. It's me, Nonny.
Name Nonny
A/K/A "Nonners"

Mr. Cautious

Age Preschool-aged
Dislikes Yelling
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Reading books
Voice Actor Eamon Pirruccello (Season 1 & 2, Speaking and Singing)

Jet Jurgensmeyr (Season 3-4, Speaking and singing)

Eason Rytter (Season 3, singing in The Puppy And The Ring! only)

First Appearance Call a Clambulance!
Still Workin' On It!

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 Nonny is a brainy, cautious, and overly calm male guppy. He's more likely to comment on the action than get swept up in it, and he often uses an advanced vocabulary for his age. Physical activities make Nonny a little unsure of himself, as he'd rather define "basketball" than play it.

His willingness to keep trying, combined with encouragement from his friends, often leads him to triumph in the end. Nonny loves to read books, and has been seen doing this in several episodes. His nickname is Nonners, although nobody calls him that but Deema. His original nickname is "Mr. Cautious."


Hydranga and nonny

Nonny telling a story

Nonny has peach skin, orange hair, and green eyes. He wears blue glasses which resemble scuba goggles, and his tail is light green with dark green stripes. His ears are slightly larger than the other guppy's, and he is thinner than them as well. Because of his thin stature, it gives him the illusion of having unusually large hands.
Sing none

Nonny singing I found it



Nonny doesn't sing that often, but he did have a solo in the episode, "Can You Dig It?" titled He Found It, and a full solo in "The Puppy And The Ring", titled "Cavern Realm Song"


Nonny has been shown playing instruments in multiple songs. For example, in "Puppy Love!", he was shown playing a tamborine, and in "The Puppy And The Ring", he played the guitar and piano.



Nonny has been shown to be a background dancer in many episodes, however his dance skills have been shown to not be as good as the others. An example of this is in "The Wizard of Oz-tralia!", when he was dancing with the others to the Dingo song. Nonny was also seen doing the robot in the song Check It Out!



The relationship between these two is currently unknown, but it is believed that the two are friends. In Spooky, the two had danced together. Often Molly will ask how he is doing, and sometimes they have story and shop segments together.
Nonny x Molly (2)

Nonny and Molly holding hands in Spooky!


Snapshot 4 (29-08-2012 00-38)

Nonny's friendship with Gil is pretty normal; they are really good friends. In the episode Fishketball!, Gil helped Nonny learn how to catch a ball and at the end of the game, he then thanked him for his help.


Nonny did the color story with Deema.


Nonny seems to be close to Deema. She often calls him "Nonners" and they dance next to one another on many occasions. Deema put sunscreen on his back for him during the song, "At The Beach."


Watching her giggle!

"It feels so good to make her laugh."

Oona and Nonny seem to have a strong friendship with each other. The two of them are the quietest of the Guppies and they mainly sing back-up. Whenever Oona asks a question, he will answer it.


Gobys airplance stor

Despite the fact that they don't hang out as much, Goby considers Nonny as his friend. The two love to narrate the stories their friends play in during recess, and have even acted in a story together in The Amusement Parking Lot!.        


Nonny has appeared in every episode of the series.

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