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Character Info

Mr. Grumpfish
Name Mr. Grumpfish
Age Adult
Dislikes Being Happy
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Always Being Grumpy, singing
Voice Actor Glenn Leopold
First Appearance The Grumpfish Special!
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Mr. Grumpfish is an adult fish formerly known for never liking anything. His actions changed when he visited the Picture Pizza Parlor and was served the special: a pizza with his face on it. He thought that the joke was funny and laughed and was known as a happy customer. He also, much to everyone's surprise, does not like the Holidays. But, after visiting Mayor Grouper, the Guppies figure out he loves gingerbread. The Bubble Guppies happily decorate his house to look like a giant gingerbread house making him smile, laugh, and enjoy the Holidays.


Grumpfish is mostly gray-green, and as large as Mr.Grouper. He has two eyes and one mouth.


Mr. Grumpfish has appeared in five episodes of Bubble Guppies, The Grumpfish Special!, Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!, Come to Your Senses!, A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend! and The New Doghouse!. During the first three of the episodes, when he becomes happy, he starts singing loud enough to blow Deema's chef hat off, or blow Deema herself away.

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