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I Wanna be a Cowgirl/Cowboy
The life for me don't ya know
It's the Life for me Don't you Know

I Wanna Be A Cowgirl/Cowboy is the pop song from the episode "The Cowgirl Parade". It is sung by Molly.

Characters Appearing


Molly: I wanna be a cowgirl, just a-ridin' on a horse.

Sittin' tall in the saddle, with my cowgirl hat on, of course!

And I'll be ropin' lots of cattle, with the lasso in my hand...

Yeah, I wanna be a cowgirl! 'Cause it's the coolest job in the land!


Gil: I wanna be a cowboy, out there on the plains.

Just a-squintin' in the sunshine, or ridin' in the hot summer rain!

Gil, Molly, Deema, Goby, Nonny and Oona: I'll spend my days just a-wranglin'
Ye ha
Gil's Rodeo
Oona11Added by Oona11

or riding in a rodeo!

Gil: Yeah I wanna be a cowboy, Cause that's the life for me, 

don't you know?

Molly: Yee hah!

Molly And Gil: Well, I get up every morning at the break of dawn

Ride my trusty horse all day long

Molly: And then I make a little camspsite when the sun goes down

And I'll strum a little country song, and it would go like this

I wanna be a cowgirl, just ridin' on a horse.

Sitting tall in the saddle, with my cowgirl boots on of course.

And I'll be ropin' lots of cattle, with a lasso in my hand!

Yeah I wanna be a cowgirl,

  • Gil, Molly, Deema, Goby, Nonny and Oona: Cause it's the coolest job in the land
  • Molly: Yee hah!


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Hebrew Version

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