Have a Cow!
Mnilk the cow

Molly comes into the classroom.

Molly: Guess what we just saw, Mr. Grouper?

Mr. Grouper: Hmm...a cat!

Molly (giggling): No.

Mr. Grouper: Oh, I know. A moose?

Deema, Oona, and Nonny (giggling): No.

The guppies are playing in the classroom.

Deema: I'm a cow.

Molly: Like Butterscotch.

Deema: Moo!

Mr. Grouper: Howdy, cow.

Molly: Mr. Grouper, you be a cow too.

Mr. Grouper: Ok.

Mr. Grouper changes colors so that he has the pattern of a cow.

Mr. Grouper: Moo!

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