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Gil's Season 1 Appearance

  • In the early development in Bubble Guppies Gil's hair had a different style. It was flat and like Goby's but somewhat spiky.
  • Gil's body was lighter and really skinny but wide.
  • His fingers were long and round. 
  • Gil's tail was long and all green with camouflage.

Gil's Season 2 Appearance

Gil in season 2 had a totally different animation. 

  • His eyebrows are thinner.
  • His hair is darker and has more effect on brightness. </li>
  • His stomach is thicker, which makes him look a little fatter. </li>
  • His tail is thicker. </li>
  • His voice changing.


    Gil's Season 2 Appearance

    Gil's Season 4 Appearance

    Gil Cupcakes

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