Molly [singing]: Eggplants purple, spinach green,

Gil [singing]: Oranges and tangerines!

Molly [singing]: Red fruit, green fruit, veggies too,

Mr. Grouper [singing]: Eat them all, they're good for you!

Oona: I like cherries!

Nonny: I like broccoli.

Deema: Bleh!

Mr. Grouper: What's the matter, Deema? Don't you like broccoli?

(Deema shakes her head)

Molly: Have you ever tried it? Maybe you'll like it.

Deema: ... Maybe!

Nonny: I got a ham sandwich and... Veg-tickles?

Gil: Ha ha, no veg-tickles, stop tickling me!

Little Fish: What's the magic word?

Gil: ...Please?

Little Fish: Did you say 'peas'?

Gil: No, I said 'please', not 'peas'!

Little Fish: PEAS!

Gil: ...uh oh.

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