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Here are some virtual stickers of certain segments from episodes you can use to decorate your profile.

How To Use Them

  • Have your profile open in a new tab or Window.
  • Go to Source Mode on this page. Click on the "Edit" button's arrowhead and select "Classic Editor". Go to the "Source Mode" tab, and copy the text File:(paste the file name here) and paste in your profile page's editor.
  • Click on the sticker to want
  • Copy the file name
  • Go back to your profile
  • Place the sticker's name within the text "File:(paste the file name here)" without the parenthesis and quotes or click on the "Photo" button on the right and paste the file name in the search.

How To Make them


  • Only post stickers you have modified or created.
  • These stickers are for non-profitable use. They are only to be used on this Wiki.
  • Show, other official pictures and your own artwork can be used as a base.
  • Do not use other fanart without permission! If permission is given, give credit. Let the artist know that you want to use their artwork for this area of the site. If the artist doesn't want thier arwork used, do not ignore them.
  • Put “Edited by [Your Username here]” in the description for ones with added effects. For ones that are made from scratch, put “Created by [Your Username here]”. If you are using artwork that belongs to someone else, put “Edited by [Your Username here]. Original artwork by [Artist Name Here].”
  • The content you post has to be appropriate for the Wiki; nothing vulgar is allowed.

Episode Stickers

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

If there is a certain picture you would like added to the galleries or if you would like a personalized sticker, please comment below.

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