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Bubbleguppies3 Feeling bored? Here is where you can make Bubble Guppies based activities!

O-fish-al Crafts & Activities

These are crafts & activities that come from Nick Jr.'s website.

Coloring Pages

Other Printables


Fan-Made Crafts & Activities

Have you created a craft based off of the show? Do you know someone else who made a cool activity? Add it to the lists! But remember to read the rules first!


  • When posting an entry, create a blog post for it first. Then click on the "Edit" button's arrowhead on this page. Select "Classic Editor", go to the "Source Mode" tab, copy the text (title name in bold) by (username) and change it to fit your information.
  • Only make craft blog posts for ones that you have made. If you want to share someone else's work, use the text [(url) (title name in bold) by (website or creator)]
  • The instructions for your craft must be already tested to make sure it works. It cannot be something randomly made up or something too difficult or impossible to make.
  • A picture of the finished result must be provided in your blog entry.
  • Please state whether you craft is safe for younger kids to make or if it must be prepared by someone older.


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