(Nonny's glasses broke)

Gil: Oh no, your glasses! They're broken!

Molly: Are you ok, Nonny?

Nonny: Yes, but I can't see very well without my glasses. Everything is all blurry.

Molly: We have to tell Mr. Grouper!

Deema: Nonny, how come you wear glasses?

Nonny: Because without them, everything looks blurry.

Oona: How come?

Mr. Grouper: Well some people don't see as well as others so they wear glasses to help them see better.

Deema: With their eyes.

Mr. Grouper: That's right.

Mr. Grouper: Remember, use your scenes.

Nonny: I don't think these are my glasses.

Deema: I think they look great!

Nonny: I think that those might be my glasses.

Mr. Peepers: Yes, I think you're right.

Mr. Grouper: How does it feel to have your glasses back, Nonny?

Nonny: I feel... like me. (smiles)

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