The Bubble Guppies Classroom

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The Classroom is a building in which the Bubble Guppies attend preschool. The class is taught by an orange fish named Mr. Grouper. Six students attend the class.


The inside walls of the room are light brown with dark brown stripes, the classroom could possibly be made of wood. The Guppies sit in blue chairs across from a green table when they're playing. Many paintings that look like they were painted by the Guppies cover the walls. The outside of the preschool is yellow-orange and looks a lot like Deema's hair.

In season 2 the appearance of the classroom has been slightly expanded. It includes shelves for lunch boxes and it has steps.


The classroom has been visited in every episode of Bubble Guppies except Happy Holidays Mr. Grumpfish!

Classroom morning groopper

The Gallery for The Classroom can be found Here .

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