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"Check It Out"
Unless you don't bring it back on time!

"Check It Out!" is a song from the episode, Check It Out!. It is sung by Molly with the rest of the Guppies providing backup vocals. 

Molly and her friends sing about all the great things you can read at the library.

Characters Singing


Molly: If you're looking adventure,

Pirates out at sea!

Robots from the future, or a T-Rex running free!

Oh, what a story, that would be!

Won't you share it with me?

It isn't very hard!

[With Oona and Goby]:Yeah, you can do it too!

Molly: When you've got a library card! 

Deema: Ooh, Ooh!

Molly: It lets you take a book,

[With Gil]: To borrow anytime! 

Molly: So you can have a look, 

[With Goby]: And it won't cost a dime,

All: Unless you don't bring it back on time!

So you can check
it out, and read about something new! 

And then pass it along after you're thro-ough! 

'Molly, Go'by and Deema: Check it out!

Read another book to me! 

And we can travel the world...

From A to Z-e-e! At the Library!

Gil: When I read...

My favorite book...

It takes me far away...!

Even when...

It rains outside...

I've got a sunny da-a-ay!


Molly [Speaking]: Take it home now!

All [Singing]: So we can check it out, read it 'til the day it's due! 

'Cause books were made to share,

Share with me and you! 

We're gonna check it now, read it now, read all week! Then we'l bring it all back,

Back to the the Library!


Bubble Guppies CHECK IT OUT01:37

Bubble Guppies CHECK IT OUT


American English Version
Bubulle Guppies - A la bibliothèque-002:44

Bubulle Guppies - A la bibliothèque-0


European French Version (Clip)

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