Check it Out ! Quotes
Check it guppies

Deema: "He wants to eat some kitties!"

Gil: "I'm going in..."

Deema: Someone's coming!

(Deema quickly hides behind a cart full of books in the Cyclops' library)

Oona: Quick, hide.

Deema: I am hiding!

(Oona hides where Deema's hiding)

(the girls see the Cyclops)

Oona: It's the Cyclops.

Deema: He's got one eye right smack in the middle of his melon!

Oona: Behold, the cave of the Cyclops!

Deema: The who?

(Nonny appears behind a rock)

Nonny: A Cyclops is a giant with one eye.

(Nonny disappears behind the rock)

Deema: Oh. A WHAT?! Why are we going there?

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