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A Bunch of Bones
A Bunch of Bones Referneces

  • This was the Pop song that was used in Adverts to Advertise Bubble Guppies.
  • It is also the first song in The Bubble Guppies Sing Along Songs Volume 1 DVD.
  • Deema and Nonny are the most common guppies to sing together in any songs.
  • A new character was used to sing: Fake Skeleton.
  • Bubble Puppy was also seen Dancing, not singing.
  • Autotune was used in this Pop Song.
    Screenshot 25

    Deema and Nonny

  • Oona was the only guppy who was not seen in this song.
  • Mr. Grouper was used, but seen dancing.
  • In the Episode. When Mr. Grouper said "some" fish has bones. He's actually right.
  • Goby appeared in this pop song, but only for one scene.
  • When the Guppies' entire bodies get x-rayed, Nonny and Gil's x-rays look very smiliar, which can be confusing when you're trying to guess which x-ray belongs to who. But sometimes Nonny's x-ray shows his popular blank face expression, and you know it's his x-ray.
  • This pop song is the most known and most popular pop song of the series
  • This is the first pop song in the Bubble Guppies series

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