Build Me a Building!
Goby ans rpont


  • In the storybook segement, the dragon is commonly referred to, by older fans, as the "DERP Dragon" because of the face it makes after it eats the graham crackers.
  • In the dance song, Oona glances at Nonny in one verse and Nonny smiles back.
  • This is the only episode where the dance song comes before the pop song.
  • Goby was the main character in this episode, Strangly, he was also the main character in a similar episode: Construction Psyched!
  • The shop segment where Gil tries to buy a hammer from Deema is based on a segment from Sesame Street where Simon Soundman buys a trumpet/saw.
  • When Gil can't get his toolbox opened, Molly claimed she had "magcal undersea powers" that she could use to open it. This is one of the rare occasions where they refere to their underwater home.

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