Quotes for Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale!

  • Deema: You know who likes porage?
    Fintastic fairytalke
  • Molly and Gil: Who?
  • Deema: Bears!

  • Giant: That's a puppy?
  • All: The Witch did it'.
  • Giant: How many eggs do you need?
  • All: Dozen
  • Giant: How many is a dozen?
  • All: Twelve...

  • Mr. Grouper: And they all lived happily-
  • Guppies: Hoppily
  • Mr. Grouper: Hoppily, ever after...

(The witch is seen holding a hand mirror.)

Witch: Mirror, mirror in my hand. Who's the meanest in the land?

(Nonny's face appears in the mirror)

Nonny: (sighs) You are of course.

Witch: You've got that right. And today I'm gonna do something really mean. I'm gonna test my mean green bubble potion on that little dog.

(The witch points to Bubble Puppy)

Nonny: But...he's just a puppy.

Witch: Not for long!

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