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Character Info

Bubble Puppy
Bubble Puppy
Arf! Arf!
Name Bubble Puppy
A/K/A "The Class Pet"
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Playing with Gil
First Appearance Bubble Puppy!
Gil: "Hi, Bubble Puppy!"
Bubble Puppy: "Arf! *licks Gil*"
Gil: "*laughing* Good boy, Bubble Puppy!"
— Gil and Bubble Puppy

Bubble Puppy is a playful, boisterous little puppy with a fish tail. Though he is particularly loyal to Gil, Bubble Puppy loves to play with all of the Guppies, especially if he gets to pop a bubble. His favorite treat is Bubble Bites, he especially likes it when Gil  throws one in the air so he can preform a trick and catch it in his mouth.


Bubble Puppy is mostly white. His right ear is white with two orange spots, and his left ear is completely orange. He has two small black eyes with two small eyebrows above them, and he has a big black nose. He has a pink tongue. He also wears a green collar with a gold-and-orange striped fish shaped tag. His right eye has a big orange spot around it, and he also has an orange guppy-like tail.


Bubble Puppy has appeared in every episode of Bubble Guppies. His first appearance was in "Bubble Puppy!".


  • Bubble Puppy is most likely a Jack Russell Terrier. As they have V shaped ears, markings, and identicle colors.
  • Bubble Puppy is the main character of "Bubble Bites".
  • He is voiced by Frank Welker.
  • There is an episode named after him, "Bubble Puppy!", which shows how Gil and the guppies adoped him.
  • He, along with Gil, is one of the Bubble Guppies' mascot. 
  • His voice actor, Frank Welker, played as Garfield in The Garfield Show.
  • He has taken the lead role in multiple episodes.
  • He sniffs at an objects that comes close to him. In Check it Out! Gil was emptying his backpack looking for his library card and his toy truck and crayon fell out and Bubble Puppy sniffed at his crayon


Big headed bubble puppy

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