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The Show:

FIN-TASTIC NEWS!: 4 New episodes will be aired in September!

The Bubble Bee-athalon! will air on the 2nd and Party at Sea! with air on the 3rd.

Find out more information about all of the episodes and discuss with us here!

The show has returned to Nickelodeon's regular channel at an earlier time.

Check out the airings at the bottom of the page to find out which episodes will be on TV this week!

Nick Jr's video section has a few episodes and a lot of clips! Check 'em out!

You can also buy all of the previously aired epsiodes on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play!

(See what else is in store for Season 3)

Nickelodeon Upfront o-fish-ally confirmed that new episodes will also be aired in 2015!

Discuss with us here!

Future guest stars have been announced! Find out who they are by clicking here!

The Wiki:

We are currently in the process of doing a Wiki Clean-Up!

One of our plans is to create a fun section for the fans. Help us decide what to do for it!


The next Bubble Guppies DVD, "Get Ready For School!" is out now!

Find out more about this DVD by clicking here!

(Find out what other Guppies merchandise will be released later this year and early 2015)


Mollys left aghdn
Angry gil
Deema the priarw afgain
Oona in Good hair day
Nonny pirate again

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This Week's Episode Airings

Sunday, August 31

NIK JR     Have a Cow!                            8:00pm(EST)

NIK JR     Call a Clambulance!               8:30pm(EST)


Monday,  September 1

NIK          The Puppy And The Ring!           7:00am(EST)

NIK JR     The Sizzling Scampinis!               8:00pm(EST)

NIK JR     The Beach Ball!                         8:30pm(EST)


Tuesday, September 2

NIK         NEW! The Bubble Bee-athalon!      10:00am(EST)

NIK    Build Me a Building!                                10:30am(EST)

NIK JR    Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!           8:00pm(EST)

NIK JR     X Marks the Spot!                              8:30pm(EST)


Wednesday, September 3

NIK          NEW! Party at Sea!                              10:00am(EST)

NIK          The Amusement Parking Lot!               10:30am(EST)

NIK JR     Humunga-Truck!                                  8:00pm(EST)

NIK JR     A Tooth on the Looth!                            8:30pm(EST)


Thursday, September 4

NIK         NEW! The Bubble Bee-athalon!            10:00am(EST)

NIK          Puppy Love!                                      10:00am(EST)

NIK JR     Can You Dig It?                                   8:00pm(EST)

NIK JR     Ducks in a Row!                                    8:30pm(EST)


Friday, September 5

NIK           NEW! Party at Sea!                            10:00am(EST)

NIK          Can You Dig It?                                      10:00am(EST)

NIK JR     The Lonely Rhino!                                    8:00pm(EST)

NIK JR     Get Ready For School!                              8:30pm(EST)


Saturday, September 6

NIK JR     The Cowgirl Parade!                                 8:00pm(EST)

NIK JR     We Totally Rock!                                        8:00pm(EST)

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