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Brave, Brave, Knights

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Rock n' Roll!

Brave, Brave Knightsis the pop song from the episode: Sir Nonny The Nice!. It is sung by Gil with the rest of the Guppies as backup singers.

Gil and his friends sings about how awesome knights are.

Characters Singing


Gil: Brave brave knight, in your armor bright!

Challenge left and challenge right!

Riding on your trusty steed, questing forth to do good deeds!

Hand in hand with sword and shield, dragons threaten but you won't yield!

With bra
Castle knight
very plain for all to see!

Oh, how gallent you could be!

Brave, brave knights stand for good!

All: Stand for king and queen!

Gil: Brave, brave knights fight for good!

All: With courage seldom seen!

Gil: Doing right and righting wrongs!
Brave brave knights


Heroic powerful and strong! We'll sing about you in our songs! Isn't that right?

Nonny (speaking): That's right!

Gil: Brave, brave knights! Brave, brave knights!

Brave knight in your armor bright!

Chivalrous and so polite!

Living in your castle where tower defend, so foes beware!

Then, venture o
Gil knight
ut wide and far, to tournaments where you joust and spar!

With trusty squire by your side,

Enemies run but they can't hide!

Gil: Brave, brave knight stand for good!

All: Stand for king and queen!

Gil: Brave, brave knights fight for good!

All: With courage seldom seen!

Gil, Molly, and Oona: Doing right and doing good!

You'll bravely treck through darkest wood!

Lancelot and Galahad, the truest hearts all armor clad!

Heroic powerful and strong! We sung about you in this song!


Brave Brave Knights01:34

Brave Brave Knights

American English Version

Bubble guppies cavalieri01:34

Bubble guppies cavalieri

Italian Version

Bubble Guppies UK Brave, Brave Knights01:38

Bubble Guppies UK Brave, Brave Knights

British English Version

Bubble Guppies Cavaleiro em Português-001:41

Bubble Guppies Cavaleiro em Português-0

Portuguese Brazilian Version

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