Big Bouncy Ball Bazaar
Deemas ball bassae

Big Bouncy Ball Bazaar is a Shop segment in the episode: Fisketball! Molly comes to Deema's Bazaar and asks for a big blue basketball. Deema tries looking for one, but ends up getting a "small" blue basketball, a big "red" basketball, and a big blue "bowling" ball. After asking the viewers for help, Deema finally finds the big blue basketball and gives it to Molly. After Molly leaves the bazaar, a small crab arrives and sees a small blue basketball and gets it making Deema comment, "Bizaare."

Characters' Visited

  • Deema - Owner
  • Molly - Customer
  • A little crab - Customer #2
  • Mr. Grouper - Third customer and asks what the time is.

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