Goby: I like to help set the table!

Nonny: We have a table in our kitchen. It's where we eat oatmeal.

Mr. Grouper: Kitchens are great, and they're full of neat stuff!

Deema: On this table, we'd like some cereal with milk!

(Deema pours cereal and milk all over the table.)

Nonny: Uh... I think you forgot something.

(Crowd gasps)

Crab: The kid's right! Ya can't eat cereal without a spoon!

Oona: I got a cheese sandwich and carrots for lunch! What did you get, Gil?

Gil: I got chicken pot pie! What did you get, Nonny?

Nonny: I got a... Kitchen pot pie?

Goby: What's next, chef Nonny?

Nonny: It says to roll the dough.

Goby: Got it!

Goby [Singing]: Roll the dough, yeah, roll the dough!

[With Deema]: Come on, everybody let's roll the dough!

Announcer: And here's our home team, the 'Bubbletucky Bakers'!

Crowd: Cupcaaakes!

Announcer: They'll have to work together to make Bubble Cream cupcakes and get them safely to home plate! The timer is set, and the game's about to start!

Umpire: Batter up!

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