Animals are animal characters from Bubble Guppies. They only appear in some episodes or an episode. They love to play, having fun, and learn from the adults and the kids. Like the Adults and the Kids, they love the Bubble Guppies. Some of the animals who appeared on some episodes and an episode are:


Slurpin' Colors Snapshot 21 (27-05-2012 18-25) Snapshot 2 (23-07-2012 17-53) Snapshot 22 (28-05-2012 16-48) Snapshot 5 (28-05-2012 18-10) Ducks Gil and the pig Snapshot 1 (06-07-2012 14-56) 8164-1-11 Snapshot 3 (13-07-2012 05-58) Snapshot 5 (13-07-2012 06-21) Snapshot 6 (13-07-2012 06-28) Snapshot 2 (21-07-2012 10-12) Monty The Big Bad Wolf

Dolphin J

The Three Bears

Dusty and Rusty


Norsaur robu


Bubble Duckies.mkv snapshot 21.42 -2013.01.29 21.22.55-

Duck Family

The Spring Chicken

Spring Chicken

Charlie the Spider

Charlie the Spider

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