Animal Caller

Animal Caller is a Shop segment in the episode: Have a Cow! Oona comes to Deema the Animal Caller to help her find her pig. Deema tries to call Oona's piggy but "buck-buck-bucks" making the pig hang up because he doesn't understand her. With the viewers' help, Deema realizes that pigs say "oink, oink, oink!". Deema tries again and asks to viewers to help her say "oink, oink, oink!". As they do, Oona's piggy arrives. Oona is delighted and thanks Deema and she takes her piggy home. Nonny arrives next and asks Deema to call his horse. Deema tries to call Nonny's horse, but she "moos" making the horse hang up. Again with the viewers' help, she realizes that horses say "neigh". She tries again and asks the viewers to help her say "neigh". As they do, Nonny's horse arrives. Nonny thanks Deema for her help.

Characters' Visited

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