ABInkling33 (Nickname Inkling or Amanda) is a soon to be official character in Bubble Guppies.

This was confirmed by the directors of the show on March 5th, 2017, but not much has been revealed about the character. A concept art was released that shows what her design may be, the art will be featured at the end of this article.

The directors stated Amanda has an unusual name (ABInkling33) due to several attributes about her. AB meaning two possible names for her, but one was eventually chosen to be Amanda, whereas the "B" was Becky. The "Inkling" is due to her species, a mixture of a squid and a human. Lastly, the "33" simply is just there because she is the 33rd concept of a Bubble Guppie in the show. Amanda is called "ABInkling33" by many working on the show, just as a quick way to identify her.

Along with that, the directors mentioned that Amanda could very well be a likable or disliked character, and that there is no in between. She is rumoured to cause a love triangle between her and 2 other characters who are not yet identified, but already do exist.

Nobody knows for sure when Amanda will be in the show, but the directors do hint that it will be very soon.

Many working on the show have lots to say about Amanda, but mainly they all say "Amanda will at first be introverted and shy, but will open up to some characters, and doing her best to sabotage any other characters she will not like." It is admitted Amanda will be dramatic and certainly disliked more than liked, but nonetheless, Amanda certainly will be an interesting character.

UPDATE, JULY 25, 2017!:

In the latest episode of bubble guppies, linked here:

Amanda was mentioned, but very secretively. During a musical sequence, in the entire song, the letters to spell "Amanda" were scattered about in each lyric.

This musical sequence featured the character "Fiona", "Charming", "Mongo", "Gingie", "Donkey", "Fairy Godmother" and "Shrek". In it, the musical number was very tense. It was a battle of love between Fiona, Shrek and Charming, with Charming's mother, Fairy Godmother, helping Charming win over Fiona, posing as Fiona's fiancé, Shrek. Shrek is also seen in the number, racing to Fiona, before Charming kisses her. As soon as Fairy Godmother finishes singing, Shrek bursts into the room, and yells "Stop!" the episode abruptly ends at this point, leaving everyone on a cliff hanger.

Will Amanda be in the next episode? Nobody knows.

Amanda's concept art:


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